Fashionable underwear for spring 2022

Spring 2022 is the time for changes, not only when it comes to the metamorphosis of home interiors, but also our wardrobe. New fashion trends will undoubtedly surprise every woman. Find out today which spring underwear will be the best choice and see a few suggestions for which it is worth finding a place in your wardrobe, because they will triumph in the coming season.

Timeless lace in a spring version

What would be a sexy spring lingerie without lace, which is very popular? This decorative accent will never go out of style, even in spite of the frequently changing trends. Lace is sexy, feminine and romantic, and many of its views make sure that every woman will find the perfect lingerie offer for herself. The most popular models this season will include translucent bras and panties with black lace on a beige mesh background.

Bras and panties in juicy colors

Spring women's underwear encourages you to test new models, not only in terms of cut, but also colors. If you've been a lover of subdued shades so far, this is it it's time to give juicy colors a tryespecially when you do not yet have the courage to introduce them permanently into your wardrobe. Neon-pink bra, or maybe turquoise panties? Your imagination will be the only limit in this madness, so choose the fashionable colors of underwear this season!

Retro spring underwear - a return to the past

Retro spring underwear is another proposition worth convincing yourself. It will appeal mainly to women who do not like skimpy outfits, and at the same time are willing to introduce something completely new to their collection, which will not be typical underwear worn by them on a daily basis. 

Models inspired by the old fashion are very popular. I am talking about, among others, high-waisted panties with strong cutouts or bras in the form of half-corsets. Their goal is to emphasize the advantages of a female figure and cleverly cover up minor imperfections of the figure.

Pastel colors and floral motifs

Floral motifs can be found in women's underwear collections for a long time. In case of the most fashionable models in the spring of 2022, floristic patterns are combined with bright colorsas a result, creating delicate and subtle propositions. This season will be dominated by small flowers and prints imitating a tattoo intertwined with a flesh-colored material. Thanks to this, each bra and panties will look subtle and sensual, and pastel shades, such as powder pink or delicate blue, will add girlishness.

Strips decorating bras and panties

Most of us may well remember decorative stripes that constitute a jewelery accent of the underwear in previous seasons. Currently, these models are returning to favor as designers realized that women love distinct and intriguing underwear. Straps can decorate bras, women's briefsincluding thongs and figsand also the body. After putting on a T-shirt or shirt, they will become an additional element of styling, as they will decorate the neckline, among other things. This trend can already be observed among trendsetters whose main goal is to follow fashion.

Predatory style - choose bold women's underwear

Spring underwear also promises to be very predatory, so it can be seen in the collections models with animal patterns discovering different parts of the body. The themes are dominated by leopard print, which returns to fashion like a boomerang. It is considered an extremely sexy model, although until recently it was rated as "fashion kitsch". 

However, if we think everything carefully, leopard underwear and smuggling animal motifs will be a bull's eye when creating outfits for spring. In the case of this trend, it is worth focusing on skimpy cuts, reserved mainly for brave women.

Underwear as the main styling element

Spring underwear also encourages completely different experiments. The latest discovery of spring trends for 2022 is its use as the main styling element. Bra in the type of bralette instead of a crop top or replacing the blouse with a minimalist or lace body? These types of lingerie are perfect for high-waisted trousers, skirts and shorts, as well as complementing elegant suits. It will be elegant, but at the same time with a claw, which will undoubtedly give you self-confidence.

Comfortable women's underwear like a second skin

The patterns and colors of spring underwear are one thing, but comfort is equally important. First of all, it is worth being guided by comfort, which is always more important than all trends. A timeless solution is, among others, women's underwear, which does not stand out under clothes and thus remains completely invisible. They will certainly guarantee such an effect comfortable seamless panties whether soft bras without underwire made of flexible materials that feel like a second skin.

These types of elements will work well under tight dresses or skinny jeans. In addition, women's underwear should be designed with fabrics that allow the skin to breathe, especially in hot weather.


  1. Women's underwear - which style to choose for spring 2022?

Among the dominant styles of panties you will find retro-style models with a high waist. In the case of bras, it is worth choosing, among others, bralettes and half-corsets, which can become an alternative to crop tops and t-shirts. A great solution will also be to use the body as the main styling element, which will ensure comfort and a fashionable look.

  1. Fashionable spring women's underwear 2022 - what color should you choose?

When choosing the color of underwear, it is worth being guided by your individual taste. However, in the coming spring season, both pastel shades and juicy colors will dominate. You can replace them with black, white and beige in your wardrobe to diversify your lingerie collections. When choosing a specific color, it is also worth considering your skin tone.

  1. What to consider when choosing underwear?

When choosing women's underwear, the most important thing is to choose the right size. It is worth using the help of a brafitter who pays attention to the smallest details or, when making online purchases, read the size table carefully. You'll find it on every lingerie website, and the information it contains will dispel doubts about the correct size.

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