How to choose the perfect bra?

It is estimated that about 70% women do not know how to choose the right bra and wear it in the wrong sizes, very often feeling very uncomfortable. Many ladies associate wearing a bra with stiff armor, and the best moment of their day is to go home and take it off. Whether it's a soft, lace bralette or a padded bra with underwire, you need to choose the correct size. How should this be done and why is it so important? We already explain!

Size does matter

Incorrectly selected circumference does not provide adequate bust stabilization, and too large or too small cups distort the breasts. Meanwhile, a properly fitted bra is a guarantee of convenience, comfort and an attractive appearance. Before we suggest how to choose a bra, let's explain why it is so important. A bra is much more than just a piece of clothing. It affects not only appearance, but also well-being, body posture and even health. 

Nice underwear often improves the mood of the owner, but wearing it in the wrong size can have negative effects that we usually do not even associate with it. Too much pressure in many people quickly leads to abdominal pain, stomach discomfort or heartburn. The material of the rim or the straps that rubs against the skin can cause redness, irritation and even painful burns or wounds. Too small cups sticking to the breast, negatively affect the functioning of the lymph nodes, and too large ones do not support the bust properly and do not protect the ligaments. Knowing how to choose a bra makes it easy to avoid hurting your body.

 Good bra - good body posture

Our body posture is inextricably linked with the underwear we wear. Knowing how to choose a bra size is extremely important because a bra collects, lifts and supports the breasts often for most of the day. Properly fitted, i.e. firmly adjacent to the body, the circumference and well-adjusted shoulder straps make us stop hunched over and assume the correct posture. Thanks to this relief, we not only feel better, because we straighten the spine and relax the shoulders, but also present ourselves better. A free, upright figure improves attractiveness and often also increases self-confidence. That is why it is really worth knowing how to choose a bra.

Size differences - how to choose right?

As with other clothes, the parameters used by different manufacturers of underwear are not always consistent with each other. This applies to both the sizes themselves and the types of sizes. Many countries have different systems and ways to define it. The most popular types in Poland are European and British. Some companies have other, their own sizes. It can be problematic to learn how to choose a bra size, but it's really worth a try. 

The size of the bra consists of two elements - a number, denoting the circumference under the bust and a letter, denoting the size of the cup. Letter values can run deep into the alphabet and do not necessarily mean very large breasts. Moreover, a given letter may represent very different dimensions of the breast, depending on the circumference with which it is set. The C cup at the circumference of 65 will be completely different from that at the circumference of 85. A letter or a number alone means little, only when put together, they give us full information.

As we have already established - the size of the bra consists of two elements: a number, denoting the circumference under the bust, and a letter, denoting the size of the cup. All that remains now is to face yourself the right way. At this stage, we are not far from knowing how to choose the size of the bra. A regular tailor's tape measure is best for taking measurements. Most people have one in their drawer, and if not, you can buy it in haberdashery for a few zlotys. However, measuring yourself is not obligatory. If a woman is unable or simply does not want to make such measurements herself, she can use the help of a professional brafitter.

How To Take Perfect Body Measurements?

We always start determining the size by measuring the circumference under the bust. We put the tailor's tape measure directly under the breasts, making sure that both the front and the back are at the same height. Otherwise the result will be incorrect. While standing freely, squeeze the measuring cup lightly. Not so much as to hurt yourself, but to keep the tape from tight to your body. We always round down the result obtained. This means that if the measurement turned out to be 73 cm, the matching circumference should be 70. However, this is not a strict rule - a lot depends on the softness of the body and the flexibility of the chosen bra. The back of the bra should lie straight on the back. If it slides up, the circumference is too loose. If it squeezes so hard to take a deep breath, it's too tight. 

It is also worth bearing in mind that any bra will stretch over time. The main goal is to choose your bra so that it stays on the body as well as possible, being fastened with the last hook and eye.

The next step - we measure the breasts

Once we know the size under the bust, it's time to measure the bust only. A properly selected cup covers the entire breast freely, without sticking to it and without lifting away from the body. Here, when measuring, we do not squeeze anything. We put the centimeter on the body quite loosely, at the widest point of the breast, making sure that it lies in a straight line, at the same level at the front and back. In the case of larger breasts, the measurement is best done while wearing a soft bra that slightly raises the bust.

The mere number of centimeters, however, does not yet designate the letter. We get the letter designation by calculating the difference between the circumference in the bust and the circumference under the bust. Measurements made in this way and a look at the size table will finally tell you how to choose the size of the bra.

The measured bra does not fit - now what?

It may happen that despite careful measurements, checking the tables of producers and urgent compliance with the instructions on how to choose a bra - the selected bra does not fit. It is worth being aware of this risk because a lot depends on the anatomical structure of the chest, body softness, and its sensitivity to pressure or the elasticity of the bra material.

What to do in this case? Do not be discouraged and try on the next sizes. It may also turn out that the size is selected correctly, and the specific model simply does not fit the breast due to the way it is sewn. In this case, the solution will be simply to choose a different cut. Self-measurements are just a landmark at the beginning of the road. A very important point, but not always guaranteeing immediate success. 


  • What is the size of a bra?

The bra size is a value composed of two elements - numbers and letters, e.g. 65F, 80D or 34C, 36B. The number is the length of the girth under the breasts, and the letter is the size of the cup. To determine them, it is enough to measure the body with a tape measure and put the results together. The specially prepared tables available on the websites of producers and stores are helpful here.

  • What should you remember when choosing a bra?

A properly selected bra stabilizes the breasts without significantly reducing comfort and restricting freedom of movement. The circumference should fit snugly to the body, but it should not squeeze it too tightly, the shoulder straps should support the whole thing, but they must not stick into the body too much, while the cup is designed to carefully surround the breast, without pressure, but giving it the desired shape .

  • What if I can't choose the size myself?

Many salons and lingerie stores offer brafting services. A brafitter is a person who professionally selects bras depending on the size of the bust and the shape of the figure. He has the appropriate qualifications and knowledge about the sizes used by various manufacturers in order to be able to advise clients on the best solutions.

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