How to fold panties?

Are you cleaning in your underwear drawer? Or maybe you are looking for a quick way to organize it? We help you! Neatly arranged trousers make it easier to find specific items of clothing and complete the styling. Most people store their underwear without folding it, but it's worth spending a few minutes on this task. Why? How to fold panties and store them? We answer!

Taking care of underwear

What type of underwear do you like the most: sports, cotton or lace? This is a very important part of the garment - it not only improves comfort, but also subtly affects the well-being of the user. A well-chosen set will increase your self-confidence and make you feel sensual, regardless of what you put on. If you want your panties to keep their shape, appearance and additional functions for longer, it's worth taking care of them properly.

Underwear has long-term contact with the skin, which means that sweat, exfoliated epidermis and other impurities accumulate in it. Damaged panties that cannot be thoroughly cleaned for a long time are potentially dangerous to sensitive parts of your body. in addition the stretched or perforated undergarment material is simply uncomfortable.Perhaps you are thinking, "so what?" - in the end, every fabric wears out and all linen sets, even the most expensive ones, will sooner or later cease to be wearable. Specialists recommend that such items of clothing should be replaced approximately every 12 months. It is true. Remember, however, that proper care effectively extends the life of the panties, thanks to which you will savebecause they will serve you for a long time. Yes, even those inexpensive pairs you wear when you want total comfort!

How to fold panties and why should you do it?

Niewtajemniczeni dzielą bieliznę damską na elegancką albo wygodną. W rzeczywistości istnieje jednak mnóstwo pośrednich modeli, które łączą elementy ozdobne z komfortem, na przykład komplety z oferty Kaysershop. In our store you will find durable panties in various styles, in many attractive colors, wciąż warto jednak zadbać o ich prawidłową pielęgnację. Ze względu na fakt, że bielizna przez cały dzień styka się ze skórą wrażliwych części ciała, wykonuje się ją z dość delikatnych materiałów. Szwy nie powinny uciskać użytkownika, a koronki – uwierać. Nie można wrzucać jej zatem do pralki razem z innymi elementami garderoby, a później suszyć w suszarce i przechowywać bez składania. Brak odpowiedniej troski sprawia, że women's briefs i bras tracą kształt oraz nie spełniają swoich podstawowych funkcji. Damaged shapewear can negatively affect your figure.

Zapoznaj się z naszymi produktami!

Ironing panties

Nowadays, hardly anyone decides to iron underwear - even if you like the sight of neatly folded panties, you may find that additional ironing is unnecessary. In fact, it makes sense to iron after each wash. Water with detergent at a temperature below 40 ℃ is not able to kill bacteria or fungal spores residing in the panty fibers. Not only can they irritate sensitive intimate areas, they can also lead to infections. The high temperature of ironing is therefore designed to neutralize the microorganisms remaining after washing.

For this reason, it is a good idea to iron your panties after each wash. For simple models made of cotton or bamboo 100%, use an iron with a maximum temperature of 150 ℃ and as much steam as possible. Be careful not to damage the elastic at the hips or leg openings.

Ironing delicate underwear, however, is not so easy - after all, a hot iron can very easily damage panties, especially sports or lace models. How do I iron my pants so they don't burn or melt? Use an evaporator for this. Hot steam perfectly straightens creases and additionally kills dangerous microorganisms in a manner that is safe for underwear. All you have to do is hang up your panties, bras and socks, and then point the steamer nozzle at them. Dry garments must be folded back in a drawer later.

Care for delicate garments

Underwear care is not only about folding the panties, which we describe later in the article. If you want your favorite set to serve you as long as possible, make sure you wash and dry it properly. This is the basis - underwear should first be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Laundry of linen

Where to start taking care of underwear? Of course, from the right washing! We encourage you to do it manually, regardless of the type of panties. Use a mild detergent designed for sensitive fabrics. Softeners loosen the fibers and make the underwear lose its shape quickly, so it's better to avoid them. Follow the manufacturer's directions on the label, or use warm water up to 40 ℃. Do not rub the fabrics - it is enough to gently knead the material of the panties or bra. Pay special attention to the elastic bands in your underwear, as these parts often lose color the fastest.

Sweat, antiperspirants and other dirt can effectively penetrate the fibers of a bra or panties and change their color. How to deal with stubborn stains on underwear? Bleach will damage delicate fabrics, so reach for natural solutions. On light-colored fabrics, a paste made of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda works well - apply it to the stain, and after 30 minutes, wash the underwear. The sooner you wash these garments, the better - then the dirt will not penetrate and dry on the fabric structure. Therefore, the panties should be washed immediately after changing the underwear.

Drying linen

Tumble dryers are becoming more and more popular in Poland, but it is worth refraining from drying sensitive fabrics in them. Movement of the device can quickly tangling the lace and even tear it. Drying on a radiator is also not a good idea. After washing, squeeze the linen in a towel so that no water drips from it. Then hang the panties on the dryer and lay the bras flat on a dry towel in a well-ventilated area. The movement of air will dry sensitive materials without exposing them to unnecessary friction or high temperatures.

How to fold panties in a drawer?

Your underwear is clean and dry - now it's time to put your panties and bras in the drawer. How to do it? There are several ways to do this, which are outlined below. The described methods will make it easier for you to find a specific model while completing the styling, and additionally prevent the material from creasing.

How to fold panties in a roll?

  1. Place panties on a flat surface (e.g. table or bed) face up and smooth the fabric.
  2. Put the crotch upwards. The bottom edge should be flush with the waistband.
  3. Roll the panties into a small roll, starting from the side seam.
  4. Put the rolls into the drawer in a horizontal or vertical position. The next complex models will prevent the underwear from rolling out.

How to fold panties in the ankle?

  1. Place panties on a flat surface. Point the front part upwards and the crotch towards you.
  2. Wrap part of the crotch upwards so that its bottom edge touches the top edge of the underwear.
  3. Smooth the material.
  4. One by one, fold the sides of the panties inwards.
  5. Turn the bundle over. Panties should be in the shape of a flat square.
  6. Arrange the underwear in the wardrobe next to each other. If you want to save space, stack the panties.

How to fold panties so that they do not unfold?

  1. Place the panties on a flat surface as in the previous cases. Point the hip section towards you and smooth the fabric.
  2. Roll the elastic three times in the direction from you to the crotch of the panties. Try to keep the turns fairly tight.
  3. Turn the panties inside out. Now the roll should point downwards and the crotch - towards you.
  4. Fold the folded sides inwards so that they overlap.
  5. Roll the roll towards the crotch. Notice that there is a small "pocket" inside.
  6. Turn the resulting "pocket" inside out three times. The rubber band should hold the material in place and prevent it from unwinding.
  7. Put the rolled up underwear in the wardrobe. It is also a great way to fold panties into a suitcase.

Folding the panties

The above methods can be slightly modified due to the cut of your underwear, but they are generally great for assembling classic briefs, briefs and bikinis. If you like other types of pants, experiment! Thanks to this, you can adjust the result to the size of the wardrobe or drawer and the preferred method of storing linen. Or you can use our ideas below!

How to fold a thong?

  1. Place the underwear flat with the back up. Point your hip section away from you.
  2. Fold the sides of the thongs inwards, one by one, so that they overlap. The eraser should be folded in three parts.
  3. Place the crotch crotch towards the elastic.
  4. Turn the tuck over so that the front of the panties is facing up.
  5. Arrange the underwear in the drawer.

How to fold boxer shorts?

  1. Place the boxer shorts face up on a flat surface and smooth the fabric. Turn the legs towards you.
  2. Fold one leg lengthwise so that the side of the panties meets the center. Repeat on the other leg.
  3. Place one folded leg on top of the other.
  4. Fold the bottom edge of the trouser legs up so that they touch the elastic.
  5. Turn over so that the elastic is on top and hide the folded boxer shorts in a drawer.

Ways of storing linen in the drawers of a chest of drawers

Folding the panties is not enough - please take a moment to plan their storage well. Thanks to this, you will keep your wardrobe tidy, and finding models will be much easier. Then the panties will not mix with bras, socks or tights. Although the clothes of the pants are quite compact, there are several ways to store your underwear.

How to put panties in a drawer?

Organizers are a great way to store rolled briefs or underwear made of slippery fabrics to prevent them from rolling out. Such an organizer may resemble a honeycomb - you just need to put rolled linen in the holes. With it, you can sort both panties and socks. The walls of the openings hold the fabric tightly and also prevent the linen from slipping. If you like DIY solutions, you can prepare such an organizer yourself - you will need a box and a few rolls of toilet paper.

Storage of panties on hangers

If you prefer to store linen in a vertical orientation, use hangers for this. You can use special accessories for panties and bras or simple hangers with clasps. All you have to do is put on the sides of the panties and then slide them between the perforations of the hanger. This is a great way to organize sets of underwear, shaping panties or high-waisted products. In this way, the material will not be left with unsightly wrinkles, and the fibers will retain their slimming properties for longer.

Choose durable bras and panties from the Kaysershop offer!

To make your panties and bras last as long as possible, show them some care. Wash, dry, fold and store them properly, and you will notice that even after many months of use they look like new. However, this does not apply to all models available on the market - underwear is very important, so it is worth choosing durable trousers from proven manufacturers.

You will find such panties in the offer of the Kaysershop online store. Our international brand has been providing solid underwear for the whole family for over a hundred years. We use proven, safe materials resistant to stains or discoloration - see for yourself! Attractive prints and colorful laces will make the folding of the panties and the everyday use of the organizer even more enjoyable.


  1. Why is it worth taking care of underwear?

Because it affects your well-being, regardless of the other styling elements. In addition, a properly cared for set improves the appearance of the figure and is safer for health.

  1. How to fold panties in a drawer?

There are several methods of folding panties, e.g. depending on their cut. The easiest way is to put the crotch towards the top of the model and the sides of the underwear to the inside. Thus, a flat cube is obtained.

  1. How to store panties?

You can store your panties on hangers or in a drawer. Use a special organizer with small compartments or a shallow box that prevents the clothes from moving.

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