How to wash underwear?

Is it okay to wash panties and socks together, what is the optimal water temperature, is the bra machine washable? Washing underwear seems to be a prosaic activity, but contrary to appearances, it raises many questions. So we explain all doubts about the washing of panties, socks and bras - how, in how many degrees, in what detergent.

Principles of washing linen - why should you follow them?

Do you want to immediately scroll to the number of degrees and put the linen in the washing machine with other items? We advise against! If you follow all the tips below, your underwear will look much nicer, will stay in perfect condition for longer, and above all - Your personal hygiene will be at the highest level.

Proper and thoughtful washing of linen is important for several reasons:

  • Both women's socksand men, as well as panties and bras, are tight-fitting garments that come into direct contact with our skin. They are therefore exposed to the negative effects of our natural odors and secretions. Of course, we are talking about sweat, which generates an odor and quickly soaks into the underwear, reducing the quality of the material. Sweat, perfumes, creams and other substances left on the skin remain on the fabricstherefore frequent washing of the linen is necessary.
  • Underwear is often made of delicate materials. Light, lace panties for women or thin socks they can get damaged and deformed if we wash them in too high a temperature, along with other garments.
  • Underwear is like our second skin. Close contact of the material with the body may cause all sorts of allergic reactions. Proper washing of linen removes all allergens and pollutants. For allergy sufferers, the choice of detergent is also particularly important - delicate materials can be great for sensitive skin, but only if we wash them in mild liquids.
  • It is also worth knowing how to wash thermoactive underwear so that it does not lose its properties. If thermoactive underwear is to effectively wick away moisture, and the money spent on it is not wasted, you need to wash it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

How to wash underwear - preparing laundry

Before you know how many degrees to wash girls' panties and boys or what liquid to use for washing sports underwear, let's focus for a moment on the activities that should be done before washing.

  1. Separate your underwear from other items of clothing - the best "treatment" of our panties, socks or bras is washing them separately. Especially avoid combining underwear with heavily soiled clothes and with zippers, decorations, etc. - they can get caught on delicate lace underwear or thin socks.
  2. Sort the underwear - white underwear cannot be washed together with colored underwear, if you want none of them to lose their original color. In addition, it is worth dividing the laundry in terms of materials. Different parameters will be needed, for example, for washing merino wool sportswear, and different for ordinary clothes boys' panties.
  3. Follow the manufacturer's instructions - just like clothes, underwear has labels on which you will see instructions on washing - temperature, spinning, bleaching, drying, etc. You will also find information about the composition of the product, so you can easily adjust the washing parameters to the requirements of the fabric.
  4. Secure the washed underwear - if you decide to use a washing machine, we recommend you to buy laundry bags. Special nets protect delicate materials from mechanical damage or stretching, and at the same time do not affect the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection. In turn, for bras you can buy practical plastic balls, thanks to which the cups do not deform in the washing machine.

There is also the age-old question - can panties and socks be washed together? It depends on your preferences, but we recommend that you separate these two types of underwear. Panties and bras can be joined and socks (as long as they are not made of material with special requirements) can be added to the clothes.

The first wash of linen 

Underwear should be washed before it is put on. It is better not to put on such intimate items of clothing as panties immediately after breaking the label. At that time, we do not know the conditions in which the product was made and stored, how many times it was tried on and how.

So if you want to take care of your body, wash your underwear before wearing it for the first time. Not only will you get rid of all impurities and microbes, but also make the fabric pleasant and soft - provided, of course, that you follow our washing instructions.

Hand wash or machine wash?

For many people, the most important question is whether underwear should be washed by hand. No wonder - it is difficult for us to find the will and time for it, and the effect may be less satisfactory. So what's the solution? You will find out from the tag - if you find information on it that the linen should not be machine washed, it is worth following it.

It is best to start hand washing by soaking the linen in water. Low temperatures are recommended - see below for the exact number of degrees. You can leave the panties on for a few or several minutes, and then wash them by gently rubbing. Then rinse the linen very thoroughly - we want to avoid detergent residues. Do not twist it, just press it gently.

If, on the other hand, you decide to use a washing machine, the choice of program will be crucial. It is important that it has the right temperature and that it is suitable for delicate fabrics. That is why it is so important to separate underwear from other clothes - low temperature will not cope with dirt on our clothes, and high temperature will be unfavorable for panties or bras, as well as materials from which thermo-active underwear is made.

How to wash underwear by hand? We advise!

Which agent should I choose for washing underwear?

Add mild detergent to both the washing machine and the water in the bowl. It can be, for example washing liquid for children's clothes. If one of your household members has sensitive skin or allergies, it is worth choosing hypoallergenic detergent. It is important that the purchased liquid or powder releases its cleaning effect at low temperatures - otherwise we will take out the underwear simply dirty and not disinfected.

If you wash your underwear by hand, you can forgo the usual liquids and powders and try mild soap flakes or also grey soap. These are measures that, if sufficiently low, will not affect the quality of the material, even of very delicate lace panties or bras.

At what temperature should I wash my underwear?

Here again the labels on the clothes bow down - there you will also find the required water temperature. Usually it will be 30 degrees and this temperature will be good for both hand washing and machine washing. It will also work well with demanding materials such as linen, velvet or merino wool. At 30 degrees, also wash your thermo-active underwear and sports bras. On the other hand, the popular colored cotton can be washed at 40 degrees, but a higher temperature of washing may weaken the depth of color.

And when will high temperature be needed? Washing clothes at 60 degrees is advisable if you want a high level of disinfection and kill all bacteria and germs. However, delicate lace panties may not cope with such conditions. So if the hygiene and health issues are not particularly demanding, wash your underwear at lower temperatures.


  1. How to wash panties?

You can use a mild detergent for baby clothes, or use delicate soap flakes or gray soap.

  1. Laundry washing - how many degrees should the water have?

Unless the label indicates otherwise, underwear should be washed in lukewarm water (30-40 degrees Celsius). Wash thermoactive clothing at this temperature as well.

  1. How to wash underwear?

Do not wash underwear together with your clothes. Do handwash unless your washing machine has an appropriately delicate program. Put underwear in special pouches, and bras in balls so as not to deform the laundry. Do not tumble dry the linen.

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