Where to buy an elegant women's bathrobe?

Women's wardrobe is a place where we can find clothes for every occasion. Certainly, it also includes a bathrobe. If you are wondering where to buy the perfect bathrobe, what it should look like, and what material it should be made of - today we will answer all these questions.

Popular types of bathrobes

A bathrobe is a garment used not only at home, but also on various types of trips or in recreational facilities, such as a sauna or swimming pool. If you like to walk around the house in pajamas, the perfect outer garment, which also acts as a cover for underwear, will be a bathrobe - warm and comfortable, providing a great sense of comfort, which will surely be appreciated by every woman.

There are many types of outerwear that can be used as a dressing gown depending on the occasion. Here are a few of them:

  • Dressing gowns - delicate and airy cotton garments that can be tied or fastened with buttons / zippers. They will be perfect as a home outfit covering pajamas.
  • Fluffy bathrobes women's fleece with a hood - warm and comfortable, reliable during winter evenings, especially after a bath.
  • Peniuary - beautiful and feminine styles. Usually made of lace or other transparent materials. They look good worn over a two-piece underwear or a satin nightgown.
  • Classic cotton bathrobes - perfect after a bath. Light cotton fabric will be perfect for summer days.

What to look for when choosing a bathrobe?

The most universal material is cotton, because it will be perfect for both summer and winter days. It is warm and airy at the same time. Another frequently chosen material is satin. Delicate and airy fabric emphasizing femininity and adding charm. It is an equally popular, or even more popular, material fleece that is extremely soft and warm. It is an ideal option for those ladies who particularly appreciate delicacy and comfort.

Another important thing when buying a bathrobe is its style. Many models have pockets that allow you to store small items. We can also find on the market models with hoods that can be used to cover damp hair, in order not to cool the scalp and dry wet strands faster.

 Fleece women's bathrobes

There is no doubt about that fleece is the material from which bathrobes are most often made. Its popularity is no wonder. This extremely fleshy and delicate material can warm you even on the coldest winter evenings. Certainly many people will agree that the moment of wrapping the body in a fluffy, soft bathrobe has something magical about it, resembling plunging into the clouds. Even the thought of it is extremely nice.

If you are looking for women's bathrobes that will be warm, fluffy and soft to the touch - fleece will certainly meet these expectations. There are many stores that offer women's fleece bathrobes, but choosing and finding the perfect solution may be more difficult than expected.

Every woman knows this excited unpacking with a new purchase. It can be very disappointing to come across thin, stiff and unpleasant to the skin material at this point. Therefore, to enjoy the unique softness and lightness of a decent fleece, it's worth it look for proven places that offer the best quality products. One of such places is the Kayser online store, which offers comfortable, warm and airy hooded bathrobes.  

Bathrobe and its application

When choosing a bathrobe, we should also think about its purpose. If it is only to be an addition to sexy lingerie, it is worth choosing a light lace or satin model. Whereas warm women's bathrobes made of cotton or terry cloth will be perfect for a trip to the SPA or the swimming pool, which are characterized by excellent absorbency. 

Which bathrobe should you choose for the swimming pool?

For the swimming pool, as well as for the SPA, a definitely absorbent material will certainly be useful. One of them is undoubtedly terry cloth. So if in a hurry we have to put on a coat and we are afraid of body heat - this solution will be the best. Towels are also made of this material, guaranteeing excellent absorbency. If you are wondering which fabric will be the best, choose terry cloth or cotton.

 Surprise your guests

Fluffy, soft and warm. Such is the perfect bathrobe in which every person will feel extremely blissful and pleasant. It is worth having more than one copy in your home to be able to offer the overnight guests an additional sense of comfort and luxury. Almost like an expensive hotel. Evening teas or morning coffees drunk together will taste even better if they are sipped in such nice circumstances.

Tightly wrapping yourself in thick, fluffy material and going out to the field on a cool morning to watch the sunrise can be the perfect idea to experience a truly magical moment together.


  • At what price can you buy a bathrobe?

The prices of bathrobes vary depending on the brand, material or style. Certainly, we will have to pay over PLN 100 for a well-made, good-quality bathrobe.

  • What material for a bathrobe should you choose?

Depending on the purpose, we choose a material that will meet our expectations. Cotton and terry provide absorbency, so they are perfect for a spa or swimming pool. Airy materials, such as satin or lace, are definitely only decorative elements that complement the whole. In turn, fleece bathrobes will provide comfort and warmth in all conditions.

  • Which robe size should I choose?

The size should first of all be matched to the needs of its future user. To emphasize femininity, choose more fitted models. However, for comfort, warmth and convenience, we can opt for larger and looser bathrobes. If you like to wrap yourself in fluffy materials tightly and immerse yourself in their softness, you can even consider the oversize option.

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