Kayser since 1880

Meet our brand!

Kayser is a global brand originating in Chile with over a hundred years of tradition. We offer products for the whole family, and our underwear is distinguished by high quality, reasonable price and a wide range of sizes.

Established by Julius Kayser in 1880 in New York, Julius Kayser & Co was founded with the vision of providing the world with the highest quality haberdashery and lingerie products.


In the years 1962, the company began to thrive in South America, when its founder, Don Jacob Nazal, negotiated in the USA to use the brand for production and sales throughout its territory.

1998 year

In 1998, Edward Abugattas and Jaime Nazal took control of the company, they acquired the brand
in order to expand it on the American market, giving it a new commercial direction for the whole family.

We are in 60 countries

In addition to its headquarters in Chile, Kayser also has a headquarters in Peru, which positions it as the market leader in these countries, with over 120 own stores.
Today, Kayser operates in 60 countries and over 100 cities around the world.

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