Pajamas for children

Adequately long and strong sleep is necessary for the proper development of a child, but falling asleep itself is not always "painless"! A toddler needs evening rituals, such as a bath, a massage and changing into comfortable pajamas that will comfort you and put you in a cozy, sleepy mood. What features should children's pajamas have? To be comfortable, attractive for toddlers and made of safe material. At Kayser, we offer children's pajamas that meet all these criteria!

What to look for when choosing children's pajamas?

  • Pajama material. Children's pajamas should be made of safe fabric, soft to the skin and pleasant to the touch, but also permeable. We recommend light cotton pajamas with short sleeves for summer and one-piece or two-piece pajamas for winter - made of thicker, soft fleece. With long sleeves and long pants, they will keep your little one warm!
  • Pajama cut. With short sleeves and shorts, with long sleeves and long legs, one-piece or two-piece - the "perfect" pajamas respond to the needs of the child and is adapted to the conditions, such as the season. For both long and short shorts and T-shirts with long sleeves, the pajamas should be slightly larger, looser so as not to restrict movement.
  • Pajama Design. In this case, the "perfect" pajamas are attractive - for the child, which means that it must respond to their interests and preferences. From funny creatures, through cute animals, to more universal patterns or those inspired by the latest trends - pajamas and pajama sets can be precisely matched to the desires of small elegant and elegant ladies! 


What should children's pajamas look like?

  • Comfortable children's pajamas. Children's pajamas should not fit tightly to the body, so choose a slightly larger size. Both those with long and short sleeves should simply be loose so as not to restrict your baby's movements at night. On the other hand, pajamas with long legs cannot roll up, so you should also take care of shorts with soft cuffs. Pajamas made of high-quality cotton or fleece provide thermal comfort. 
  • Pajamas matching the season. From shorts and sleeves in summer, to long-legged cotton pajamas for fall and spring, to one-piece pajamas in thick but breathable fleece that will keep you warm all night long - even if your little one discovers himself. For extremely cold nights at Kayser, we recommend one-piece pajamas with hoods, which are not only warm, but also allow your toddler to dress up as your favorite animal!


What makes children's pajamas from Kayser stand out?

We create children's pajamas, refined in every centimeter and made of safe materials that have an important role to play in ensuring the child's comfort. We also know the needs of children, which is why we take care of an interesting design that will comfort the little ones to sleep peacefully. We recommend one-piece animal pajamas with hoods, perfect for winter, and light cotton pajamas for warmer nights.

We care not only about quality, i.e. high-quality materials and very precise workmanship, but also about attractive prices, a large selection of sizes and helpful service. Please do not hesitate to contact us! Design, color, size: together we will choose a pajamas for a child, in which they will sleep peacefully, comfortably and tasty.

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