The breasts are one of the most amazing parts of the body - they are so diverse that it's hard to find two identical breasts. And this is beautiful - regardless of the size and shape, each breast is nice because it is unique! At KAYSER, we want each of our customers to feel good in their own bodythat's why our women's bras are designed to fit many different types of bust and body shape. Check what a well-chosen bra means for us.

You deserve a properly selected bra

Many of us buy women's bras "by eye" and we even do it - it seems to us that we have a well-chosen bra, until the day we decide to take professional breast measurements. Then it turns out that we can have an even better fitting bra, and our breasts look really impressive in it. Therefore, we recommend everyone to easily and quickly measure their breasts and follow them size chartthat we make available to our clients.

How to choose a bra by size?

  • Measure your circumference - this will allow you to choose the first symbol in the size of the bra, i.e. the number (e.g. size 80B means that the circumference under the bust is 80 cm). Place a "tailor's tape" under the bust - in the place where the bottom of the bra will be. Round the decimal places down and see what range your circumference is in the size chart.
  • Measure your breasts - if you want the bra to be perfectly matched to the size of your bust, measure its fullest part around your breasts with the measure. Round the decimals down and find out which letter corresponds to your result.

Why is it worth investing in a well-chosen bra? First, we believe in quality, not quantity - Irresistible women's bras that do not fit your breasts are a waste of money.

Secondly large breasts without an appropriate bra that will keep it "in check" will be a burden on your spineand too thin straps can even hurt. A well-chosen bra has shapely breasts that will form a beautiful cleavage. A small bust can be effectively optically enlarged thanks to the appropriate arrangement of the cups and the push-up effect.

However, it is not the appearance that is most important to us - a fitted bra is simply the comfort that each of us deserves.

The perfect bra - price

Saying that an expensive bra equals a good bra is definitely a misinterpretation. Women's bras at KAYSER are the definition of quality that goes hand in hand with affordability. A cotton bra can serve you for many years if you wash it and care for it in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

But how to approach very cheap bras that you can easily find online or in stationary stores? The main problem is their shape - cheap bras made of low-quality fabrics deform during the first wash, and what is worse - the underwires easily pierce the material. The protruding wire may cut your skin on your breasts.

To sum up - well-chosen KAYSER bra is a combination of durable materials, durable shape and affordable price!


Padded bras

Large breasts are certainly an asset - many people like to display them, which is fully justified. However, this size also has negative consequences, because a larger bust weighs a lot. Back pain makes itself felt at a young age, and playing sports is not as enjoyable. There are also problems with fitting a bra that would aesthetically gather a large bust.

If you want to feel that your abundant bust is well supported by the bra, and your back is not constantly loaded, we strongly recommend padded bras. Shapely cups, underwires, thick straps and a durable fabric make the padded bras bring the much-needed sense of comfort to your life. A proud, upright posture will allow you to show off your beautiful breasts without back pain. At KAYSER you will have a wide selection of padded bras in a variety of sizes and colors - you can easily enrich your wardrobe with tasteful and very comfortable underwear!


Soft and semi-padded bras

For many of us, the definition of comfort is the lack of a bra, but we do not always feel comfortable showing the bust from under a see-through blouse. Bras soft, i.e. soft or semi-stiff models are the best compromise in this situation! If the bra isn't one of your favorite items of clothing, but you don't feel comfortable without it, buy a soft bra!

What's more, seamless and non-wired bras look as charming as their stiffened counterparts for larger breasts. The breasts can look effective in them, if such a bra is well-chosen in terms of size - so we have different sizes of soft and semi-padded bras.

Half padded bras are perfect for hot dayswhen even the smallest piece of material adhering to the skin is problematic. Soft bras look great under any blouse or dress. However, if you prefer to strongly expose your bust (which inevitably looks smaller without a padded bra), we offer padded models.

Soft bras are also great for breastfeeding women. They are easy to pull off, and most importantly - they do not compress the breasts, which are often sore during this period.


Women's push-up bras

For many women and for many men, small breasts are aesthetically perfect - not to mention the comfort we have with them. However, it is well known that there are so many tastes as many people, so in our lingerie store you will find models with a push-up effect that they will make the bust "grow", but will still look very natural. Push-up bras are comfortable, and good-quality cotton and microfiber ensure a profitable purchase for years.

Women's push-up bras look great on larger breasts - they will always work when the size of your bust does not satisfy you. One small purchase and it can give you a lot of confidence! In the KAYSER offer you will find bras optically enlarging the bust in various sizes and colors.


Women's bras - balconette and balconette

If you wear blouses or dresses with bare shoulders, a bra with removable shoulder straps is the best choice. Bras that fit this fashionable and seductive style are balconette and balconette. You can wear them with or without straps and the shape and stiffness of your breasts will not suffer.

Removable straps are not the only advantage of the balconette. The shape of the cup uncovers a large part of the bust, collects it and lifts it, thanks to which the breasts are beautifully arrangedand your cleavage is eye-catching. The combination of a balconette or balconette with a seductive "Spanish", i.e. a blouse or dress with drooping shoulders and a frill ending, is a universal way for a delightful styling.


Universal women's bras

For fashion minimalists, it is not the number of bras in the wardrobe that counts, but their quality - the choice then falls on a model that can be worn with any outfit. The beige and black bra is definitely the most universal. The first one resembles the color of the skin and does not stand out, even when it protrudes from under a blouse or dress. This is an excellent option for anyone who wants discreet but visually attractive underwear. Beige, cream or powder-pink, a bright bra in combination with lace gives the impression of subtlety and delicacy.

Another one must have when it comes to bras, it is black, especially when this color dominates your wardrobe. Cream or white bras are not suitable for dark clothes because they can be easily dyed or stuck to black balls.

There are also fashion trends in the world of bras. A fashionable and seductive bra with stripes is a common sight today among young and old people. However, if you are looking for universal solutions, we offer you beautiful but subtle lace bras that have been pleasing the eye of women and men for years. Lace decorations will make you feel very feminine, and the durable material of KAYSER products will prevent the lace from destroying in the wash.


Colorful women's bras

For many of our customers, underwear - just like clothing - must be colorful! We also say stop monotony when it comes to bras and we offer you our models in various shades and patterns. You can combine them with clothes of similar colors, or on the contrary - create contrasts that will distinguish your outfit. Beige, burgundy, blue, navy blue, red, pink, green, purple, leopard print, flowers, geometric patterns - choose a bra that you can wear with a smile on your face.

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