Soft bras

Soft bras are an item of clothing that every woman should have in her wardrobe! The basis are black, white and beige models that will allow you to match any styling. Despite its delicate form Soft bras can support the bust and look amazingly charming. These are models that do not cause any abrasions or a feeling of discomfort. They are perfect both for going out in the evening and for a day spent on the couch. Among the offer of soft and non-padded bras, everyone will find something for themselves.

Who is soft, non-padded bras for?

Will a soft bra hold a large bust? Non-padded bras are an excellent choice for ladies with small and medium breasts. Models made entirely of thin material or lace, in turn, are a great option for people who like their small breasts and do not need to enlarge it artificially, but only emphasize its natural beauty. Lace bras look great gently pulled out from under a shirt or blouse. For large breasts, you can still choose soft models, but it is worth paying attention to the fact that they have reinforced material under the bust, or a delicate foam in the cup.


Non-padded bras - what are they?

Non-padded bras are a type of underwear mostly without underwire, excess thick foam, or hard, reinforced seams. They guarantee freedom of movement and maximum comfort in everyday functioning. It happens, however, that there are models of completely soft bras, which, however, have an underwire. It is this type of bras that should be chosen by ladies with larger breasts, who value stronger support.


When to choose a soft bra?

A soft bra should be worn not only as a slightly protruding, visible element of styling. It is also great when we want to hide underwear as much as possible, e.g. under a T-shirt. In the first case, we usually choose colorful models made of lace or interesting, aesthetic materials. In the second one, it is worth being interested in very simple, slippery materials such as microfiber.


Advantages of soft bras

Although, as the name suggests, they are made of soft fabrics, it does not mean that they do not form the bust at all. Due to the fact that they have special cuts and delicate horizontal, vertical and oblique seams can collect the breasts from under the armpits and gently lift itin a completely natural and very aesthetic way. This type of bra does not exert pressure on the body, does not pinch it or leave traces after its removal, provided that the size is properly selected. Simultaneously is able to support even large breasts. Soft bras are the best models for teenagers, mothers, summer or home underwear.


A soft nursing bra

A soft bra is the most comfortable nursing option. It is extremely easy to gently and discreetly move it away when necessary, and its washing is not difficult. It does not compress the breaststhat sometimes hurt. A soft nursing bra must have adjustable straps and be made of airy fabric that will reduce the risk of inflammation and irritation - this is what KAYSER bras are. A good idea when breastfeeding is to buy a soft bra with pockets for inserts.


A soft bra for the summer

The most important feature of a summer bra is his airiness and delicacy. Sticking underwear to the body is not very practical and causes the skin to sweat even more in the summer. Lace or cotton models will provide it with the right level of breathability and comfort at all times, even in the highest temperatures. If we choose underwear made entirely of natural fabrics, we can be sure that the skin will not be additionally exposed to the formation of pimples, abrasions, rashes or rednesswhich is especially easy to do in a warm and humid environment.


What materials should a good bra be made of?

The answer to the question of what materials a good bra should be made of will never be clear, because it often depends on the needs and preferences of its future wearer. As a lingerie store, we can certainly recommend models made of:

  • Cotton - which is distinguished by exceptional delicacy and friendliness for all skin types. Cotton is very breathable, allows the skin to breathe and is comfortable to wear. Cotton bras will be the best choice for everyday wear, as they will not cause any abrasions or irritation.
  • Microfiber - which is characterized by excellent moisture management properties. Therefore, microfiber will work in extremely demanding conditions, when we sweat a lot or move. It is also very resistant to external factors and damage. It can be washed many times without fear that it will puff or lose its shape.


KAYSER non-padded and soft bras

The assortment of our KAYSER store includes various variants of soft and non-padded bras, including single-color, multi-colored, plain and lace models or with interesting patterns. There are bras for big events as well as for everyday use under a T-shirt. Whatever you are looking for, it can be found right here. The problem is also not choosing a matching pair of panties to the set to the bras offered.

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