Half padded bras

Semi-padded bras also called semi soft is a great choice for most women who do not know whether they prefer padded bras or not. Their cups can be made in a variety of ways. Light foam, underwires, stiff materials and lace are used for their production. They can be reinforced with a wire or a strong seam, or they can be stiffened with only the foam. They are adored by most women because combine the advantages of padded bras with soft ones. Thanks to this, they support or shape the bust well, while being very comfortable. They are supported only at the bottom of the cup, while the top can be finished with a nice lace or mesh.

Who is a semi-padded bra for?

Half padded bras love women with slightly larger breasts. Mainly because it provides very solid support, does not have to enlarge the bust, and at the same time provides the impression of lightness, with a very thin top layer without stiffening. Thanks to this, it can be more comfortable than both completely soft and fully stiffened models. The semi-padded model also allows the nipples to be completely masked, which is often the reason why some women do not like fully soft bras. He has got greater modeling possibilitiesthan non-padded models, while maintaining the natural shape of the bust.


Half padded bra from KAYSER

Because we are aware of how difficult it is to find a good semi-padded bra, we have made sure you have a very large selection of this type of underwear, in the widest possible size range. The following models are available:

  • attractive, with straps and lace,
  • colorful and bright,
  • uniform and multicolored,
  • with interesting patterns and prints,
  • with sewn frills and appliqués,
  • subdued, easy to hide under clothes.

Most of the semi-padded bras available in the offer can be easily combined with panties, which together with the bra will create a beautifully matching set.


Advantages of semi-rigid bras

Semi-padded bras are a great choice for all those who care about it underwear did not stand out excessively under clothing. The upper part of the structure, made of soft material, allows the tissue to fit naturally in the cup and is not pressed by the cup until it creates an unsightly hollow under the matching blouse. Semi-padded bras are also a great choice for most people because they are very versatile. They work well regardless of the situation, style and size of the bust.


KAYSER semi-padded bras - solid workmanship

The bras offered by KAYSER are very solid workmanship, guaranteeing adequate support and comfort for all wearers of semi-padded bras. There are models with a deep cut for larger necklines, with adjustable straps, wide or narrow closure or with cross straps, which are especially recommended for blouses with open backs. There are also models with additional, strong seamsthat will keep the bra in shape for a very long period of use.


KAYSER bras made of the best materials

The materials from which we make the offered underwear are mainly cotton or microfiber. Cotton is an extremely comfortable material, recommended for summer or for people whose skin is extremely sensitive to abrasions and access to adequate air circulation. An alternative to cotton is microfiber, which drains moisture well, it is slippery and comfortable to use. Microfiber bras are usually perfectly smooth, so they should not be visible underneath your clothes. Sometimes the material is also admixed with a small addition of elastin, which allows the bra to fit your body properly and be more comfortable. The most durable models are made of polyamide, which is resistant to any damage, it does not change its shape in the washing and does not pill. You can even exercise in bras made of this material. Polyamide dries quickly and copes well with moisture.

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