Padded bras

What can a padded bra be like?

Padded bras are a lot of interesting solutions. They can appear in perfectly smooth formwhich is perfect for wearing around the house or under a thin blouse. They are also available models trimmed with frills, lace or decorative embroidery. The bust can be formed completely full and perfectly round or in a slightly different, more natural way. The KAYSER brand assortment includes, among others, smooth and subdued models, colorful, patterned or with interesting applications.


Designs of padded bras

Padded bras come in many different styles, including:

  • Bardotka - a strongly cut bra, usually with underwires, but also in a soft form. Reveals the largest possible area of the neckline. Perfect for blouses with bare shoulders and a large part of the bust visible. It is usually adapted to attach and unfasten shoulder straps as needed.
  • Balconette - comes in a fully or partially built-up form, depending on the specific model. It has a fairly high browline and a flat upper neckline. It is often confused with a balconette.
  • Strapless - it is a type of bra that allows you to wear it without straps. It may not contain them at all or give them a chance to add them to the structure. Usually it is smooth, rather than using excessive amounts of ornaments. It is also medium-cut to allow it to be worn with large, but not very deep, necklines. It should fit snugly around the body.
  • Push up - it differs from a classic padded bra in that it has a much thicker foam in the lower part of the cup, while in the traditional form of a padded bra, it is the same thickness along the entire length and width. Push up not only shapes the breasts, but also lifts them very strongly, fills them up and makes them seem even several sizes larger.
  • Plunge - it is a bra designed for very cut out creations. It is characterized by a specific V-shaped shape and a lowered sternum. The straps in this model are as far out as possible. It can be fastened at the front or at the back.
  • Halfcup - arranges the breasts in an interesting way. The upper construction line of this type of bra is similar to a balconette. This model, however, allows for greater rounding and lifting of the bust. Makes the breasts appear incredibly shapely. Usually, it does not include the possibility of wearing without straps. Sometimes it also comes in soft form.
  • Seamless models - they are most often thermoformed. They have no seams or their seams are hidden. They work well for people whose seams disturb or cause unpleasant abrasions. They are extremely comfortable to wear and look great under clothing. They are usually smooth, but there are also models with a flat, graphic pattern.


Advantages of padded bras

Padded bras allow you to manipulate the look and shape of your breasts to the maximum, regardless of what they look like. It enables breast augmentation, lifting it and limiting its mobility as much as possible. A padded bra is the first choice for women with asymmetrical breasts or those who have changed their appearance after giving birth. They give the opportunity masking the nipples regardless of the situationwhat most people care about. It can be very transparent or on the contrary - very visible and eye-catching, depending on what its future user is looking for.

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