Women's briefs

Comfortable and visually attractive underwear is the basis. In our store you will find women's panties that will provide you with full comfort regardless of the season and other parts of the outfit. Check the available models in search of the perfect women's panties. The types of underwear offered by KAYSER will make everyone find something for themselves.

Women's panties and health

The main function of underwear is to separate intimate areas from clothes. Thanks to this, it provides you with complete hygiene and prevents abrasions or infections. Women's panties made of natural fibers absorb sweat and therefore prevent the accumulation of bacteria and guarantee you a feeling of freshness even on a hot summer day or during long-term training.

Comfortable women's panties, however, do not have to mean underwear stereotypically associated with older ladies or equipped with solid elastics that are indeed comfortable, but look unsightly under a tight dress. Fashionable, made with attention to detail, women's KAYSER panties have a positive effect on the well-beingeven if you don't always realize it. Because you have full intimacy, also in summer dresses or miniskirts, and underwear with an attractive pattern improves your self-confidence.


Women's panties - types of cuts

Underwear, just like other items of clothing, despite the seemingly simple structure, can be divided according to the cut. In our store you will find many different pairs of women's panties - the types of some of the available products are described below. We have arranged the models in the order from the most built-up to the lightest.



Briefs are women's panties that resemble briefs. As a rule, however, they are more built-up - you can often find them in a version with a higher waist than panties. The buttocks are completely covered by the material, sometimes the front panel slightly overlaps the upper and inner thighs. Thanks to this, briefs are used by dancers and those who care about the comfort of movements.


These are the most popular women's panties all over the world. The classic cut ensures full comfort and protection of private parts, but it does not mean that such panties are unattractive. For ladies who value comfort above all, we recommend cotton briefs with a colorful printwhile for special occasions, it is worth trying out underwear with lace.



This type of underwear, as it is not difficult to guess, owes its name to the lower part of the swimwear. As a standard, women's bikini briefs are sewn from two pieces of fabric with a shape similar to a triangle. They differ from figs with a slightly narrower stripe on the hips, and a slightly greater exposure of the buttocks.


Thongs and thongs

Thongs are women's panties that are quite cut - the back part reveals the buttocks almost entirely. Thongs, on the other hand, are slightly more built-up, have a higher waist and cover most of the bottom. It is a perfect combination of the comfort of briefs and the sex appeal of thongs. It is also worth adding that they do not adhere to intimate areas, so they ensure a high level of hygiene.


Women's panties - types of fabrics

Due to the sensitivity of intimate places, when buying women's panties, it is worth considering the material from which they are made. Cotton and microfiber models are the most frequently chosen by our clients. Women's cotton panties they are popular every day. They absorb moisture and provide airflow to help prevent infection. Contrary to popular belief, cotton women's panties do not mean out of fashion, built-up models. At KAYSER you will find cotton underwear with lace inserts or interesting prints. Thanks to them, you will feel not only comfortable, but also attractive.

Microfiber also has its admirers. Its biggest advantage, however, is flexibility, which means that women's panties do not stand out under tight jeans. A wide range of microfiber panties are seamless models, perfect for dresses or even leggings. Despite its lightness, this material is very durable, so it can serve you for several years without the risk of tears or discoloration. The fiber does not cause allergies and prevents the multiplication of bacteria.


What women's panties to choose?

The presented women's panties are not only intended to protect against external factors or abrasions from other garments. Good underwear is comfortable above all, so choose the right size. Too little can lead to infection, and too much - it slips underneath your clothes. Use the convenient size chart, thanks to which you can choose the perfect panties model.

Appropriate underwear is the basis of an outfit - it determines the way in which subsequent layers of fabrics look on the body. Because for tight clothes, such as pencil skirts or jeans, women's panties with smooth edges are recommendedthat are invisible under clothing.

When you buy you also need to pay attention to how a given pair of women's panties can affect your well-being. Colorful cotton will certainly improve your mood in the morning, while the sensual lace will give you self-confidence.

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