Lace panties

Do you know that the famous Queen Bona spread lace in Poland in the 16th century? Thanks to it, guipure from handicrafts for the people rose to the rank of court art reserved for special occasions. Today, however, you don't have to limit yourself - underwear decorated with openwork can be worn even every day. So check out our selection of elegant lace panties and feel like a queen.

A wide selection of figs - lace and classic

In our store you will find a wide selection of underwear: from briefs, thongs, to thongs. Figs are exceptionally popular among customers. Lace or smooth provide full comfort, regardless of the user's figure. The available models can be distinguished not only by texture or cut, but also by color and printing on the material. You can easily adjust the products presented above to a bra or a summer dress.


Functionality of lace panties

Fans of tight jeans or pencil skirts often complain that the edges of various types of panties form unsightly folds under the material. Most often it happens when using cotton briefs or bikinis with a simple elastic band. On the other hand, seamless underwear made of flexible microfiber can change its position while walking, which is even more burdensome. Panties then cause discomfort, and if worn for a long time, they increase the chances of infections or abrasions.

In such a situation try out the KAYSER lace briefs. The openwork piece of material then acts as an elastic band, but it is much thinner and wider. Thanks to this, it successfully masks the edge of the underwear on the buttocks, especially under a thicker denim or a lined skirt. For high-waisted clothes, we also recommend knickers with a guipure hips or high-waisted lace panties. Their additional advantage is the subtle modeling of the upper buttocks and abdomen, so they are perfect for a tight dress.


Women's panties - cotton lace

Artificial fibers can quickly irritate the sensitive intimate area as well as the thighs, especially after shaving. For this reason, as a rule, it is recommended to avoid guipure in rashes or after hair removal. However, it is worth knowing that Most of the lace panties you'll find in this category are made of 95% from breathable, soft cotton. The remaining 5% is elastin, which prevents the panties from shifting, thus minimizing the chance of further irritation. Thanks to a special design, the seams are located away from the private parts, so you do not have to worry about discomfort.

Cotton is probably the best linen material. Its main advantage is air permeability, which allows you to maintain proper hygiene of intimate areas, as well as drainage of moisture from the skin. Natural fibers adhere quite well to the body without restricting your movements. The soft fabric provides a perfect barrier between your body and the rest of your outfit. Cotton lace panties are a combination of comfort and beauty.


Microfiber lace panties

Although most of the lace finishes in the presented models of panties are made of cotton, some of the underwear in our store also has microfiber panels. It is a great alternative to natural materials - contrary to appearances, it is perfect for allergy sufferers. A microfiber fiber can be up to 100 times thinner than a human hair. As a result, this material is also breathable and, in addition, does not cause irritation.

Lace panties with microfiber parts are the perfect solution for ladies who value elegance every day. The smooth material protects intimate areas against abrasions and hides them. On the other hand, the inserts made of translucent lace will make you feel extremely sexy. This model perfectly combines comfort with sex appeal. Seductive lingerie has a huge impact on your self-esteem and behavior, so it's worth investing in KAYSER lace briefs.


Women's lace panties every day and on holidays

As standard, lace panties are associated with special occasions, but it is worth remembering that you can also successfully wear comfortable KAYSER briefs on a daily basis. As mentioned above, the sensual lace influences your subconsciousness and makes you feel more confident in any situation.

The range of options available means that each of our clients can quickly find exactly what they are looking for. If, in addition to lace trim, you also value interesting prints on underwear, we have some great suggestions for you. For lovers of the classics, we recommend monochrome panties for women: Flesh-colored lace panties are perfect for white skirts, black ones for dark clothes. White lingerie is a great choice regardless of the occasion, while red lingerie will beautifully emphasize your charms in the bedroom.


Lace panties washing

Presented in this category lace panties are definitely a purchase for years. The materials used will serve you successfully for a long time, if you take care of them properly. Even a modern machine lace can be damaged by friction in the washing machine, high speed or temperature. So it is much safer to rely on manual cleaning. Washing not only removes harmful bacteria from underwear, but also softens it, making it more comfortable and fitting to your body.

Contrary to appearances, washing is not a burdensome task, especially if you wear lace panties on holidays. Just a few minutes - use warm water at a temperature no higher than 40 ℃ and a gentle liquid. The material can be gently wiped and then rinsed thoroughly. Avoid rinsing liquids, especially strongly perfumed ones. Lace panties should be dried on their own, without the use of heat, then you will prevent them from stretching.

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