Women's bamboo socks

Do you want to keep your feet comfortable and healthy? Put on the bamboo socks from KAYSER! We offer women's bamboo socks in various variants - long, short, smooth and patterned. There is a lot to choose from! Socks with bamboo fibers allow feet to breathe and provide thermal comfort. The antibacterial properties of bamboo counteract unpleasant odors and athlete's foot.

Why bamboo socks?

Our alloys have a lot of requirements! On the one hand, they are exposed to cooling down or overheating - depending on the season and weather conditions. On the other hand, regardless of the temperature, the feet sweat intensively (due to the presence of numerous sweat glands), which promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi. As if that were not enough, the feet are still often rubbed and kneaded by the shoes. How to help them? By dressing the right socks - bamboo socks!


Bamboo socks are the perfect thermal comfort

Bamboo fibers have an unusual property - they are at the same time permeable and keep heat well, so the socks made of them work well regardless of the season.

Bamboo socks “breathe” all the time, ensuring constant air circulation. Bamboo fibers form a kind in the sock air chamber and efficiently transport moisture away, so the foot stays constantly dry. In summer, bamboo socks guarantee a pleasant feeling of cooling (they work like air conditioning!), And on cold or frosty days, they insulate well against the cold, providing intense warmth, but without excessive sweating of the feet.


Bamboo socks perfectly fit the shape of the feet             

Women's bamboo socks are thin and light (despite the fact that they keep you warm!) And extremely flexible. It all makes it precisely adjust to the shape of the foot, fit well and do not interfere with footwear. Additionally - even in a tighter shoe - they do not put pressure on the feet and legs and do not disturb blood circulation.

Bamboo socks are also delicate and soft, very pleasant to the touch. They hug the feet, keeping them comfortable and preventing chafing or chafing.


Bamboo socks have antibacterial and hygroscopic properties

Bamboo fibers have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. They are already used in the cultivation of bamboo - you do not need to use chemical and invasive sprays, because plants with a significant proportion of microorganisms and pests can cope very well on their own.

These properties of bamboo fibers, combined with hygroscopicity (the ability to absorb moisture), are invaluable in socks. Feet sweat - this is a natural physiological process and cannot be prevented. Fortunately, bamboo socks alleviate this problem - they wick away sweat and prevent the multiplication of bacteria and fungi. The foot is dry, an unpleasant smell can be forgotten, and the possibility of such ailments as, for example, mycosis is much less likely.


What do women's bamboo socks from KAYSER look like?

At KAYSER, we believe that socks must be not only practical (effectively perform their functions), but also aesthetic. The cuts, colors and design of socks translate into their visual qualities and the ability to match the style of clothing. This applies especially to those long bamboo socks that stick out from under the pants and above the shoes, so they can perfectly complement your everyday styling!  

Women's bamboo socks are a large part of our store's offer. We focus on very different patterns - the vivid, bright, rich and varied, which will be eye-catching and will become an accessory that distinguishes their owner, or subdued, delicate, more subtle - rather complementing the styling.

  • Bamboo socks "feet" - for women who want to hide socks in shoes (also in elegant ones, e.g. in ballerinas or moccasins).
  • Longer bamboo socks - colorful and patterned, which originally complement the stylization or hide in a higher shoe (e.g. a boot or a boots).
  • Knee-length bamboo socks - elongated socks for women who want to give their stylization a completely new character!


Women's bamboo or cotton socks - which one to choose?

Socks should primarily be made of natural fibers - this is the only way they allow adequate ventilation, allow the skin to breathe and do not cause allergic reactions or burns. Bamboo socks include alternative to cotton. Especially worth appreciating are the antibacterial properties, thanks to which you can prevent the appearance of mycosis of the feet. Very bamboo socks they dry quickly - you can put them on almost immediately after washing.

In fact, the choice of specific socks must be made dependent on your needs or preferences. We will be happy to help you with this! Tell us what you expect from new socks and we will suggest the best solutions. We invite you!

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