Women's socks

Short, fitted to the foot and shoes socks are a must-have item of clothing for every woman who cares not only about her style, but also about comfort. Most of us prefer high heels to long, conspicuous socks. We do not give up on them even on frosty days! Choose those that will fit your foot and allow it to breathe - women's socks, socks from KAYSER.

Elegant women's socks - feet

Can elegance and socks go hand in hand at all? Yes - but you need the right socks. In sports shoes or higher winter footwear, we do not have this problem - the feet are partially or fully covered and do not even have to match the color of the rest of the styling. However, if you want to wear shoes that reveal the foot and not miss a fashion mishap, choose our sneakers. For high heels, ballerinas, moccasins, espadrilles - the feet fit any style of footwearwhich we choose for elegant outfits.

Feet for high heels or moccasins are the perfect alternative to tights for warm days. Instead of covering your entire legs, put on practical socks that no one will notice on your feet. Women's short socks are also a better solution than a completely bare foot, which in shoes such as ballerinas or espadrilles can easily burn and rub.


Women's breathable ankle socks

When we are hot at work or school, we take off our sweater, unbutton our sweatshirt and roll up our sleeves. The feet, however, must be "dressed" all day - usually we do not take off our socks when it is too warm. Contrary to this, we spend a lot more time analyzing the composition of our T-shirts, and we do not pay attention to the composition of socks. This is a big mistake, but you won't make one when you buy women's socks from KAYSER.

By wearing our breathable women's cotton socks, you keep your feet ventilated, whatever the weather. The skin remains dry thanks to the natural air-permeable fibers. The material forms an air chamber that ensures constant circulation. So the socks are perfect regardless of the season. Cotton with an admixture of other materials is not only a durable material, but also healthy for your skinwhich is particularly sensitive on the feet.


Buy more and save! Women's ankle socks

For all these advantages of women's foot-type socks you don't have to overpay! Just buy them in a multipack. As the research carried out at our home shows, it is impossible to explain the mysterious disappearances of socks on the way from the washing machine to the feet! So you can never have too many socks. By buying more pairs at once, you will save on the next payment for the shipment and buy not one, but three new pairs of women's socks.

Our sets of women's cotton socks consist of pairs of different colors. Low socks are an alternative to long socks for women of all ages, so don't hesitate to order your three-pack.


Colorful women's ankle socks

Women's socks - feet and long socks - today are not only a practical element, but also give the entire styling character. Interesting patterns and prints as well as expressive colors combined with a favorite cut make the purchase of new socks a reason to be happy. Another fashionable and original accessory in your wardrobe!

How to choose a color palette and patterns? You can choose women's socks with low socks, which will be universal and will match most of the clothes in your wardrobe. However, if you prefer contrasts and accents, make the socks stand out from the shoes and make your styling attract attention.


How to choose women's ankle socks?

The sock is uneven - although their function is the same, they differ in many features:

  • footer height - women's socks can end above or below the ankle. Which one you choose depends on whether they protrude from the shoes. Some shoes can rub our feet if the sock is not high enough. Others, on the other hand, look best when nothing but a bare leg is sticking out of them;
  • Material - bamboo and cotton women's socks are the best investment. Natural fibers allow the foot to breathe and do not retain moisture. For long hours at work or school, it is best to wear socks that ensure air circulation;
  • convenience - some models extend a little higher on the back of the foot. This is a very practical solution, because thanks to this, the shoe does not slip off the sock, and you do not have to constantly correct it.
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