Men's bathrobes

A men's bathrobe is a useful element of clothing that allows you to quickly warm up after a bath, and in autumn and winter it becomes the perfect outfit for weekend mornings and forenoons spent at home. The appearance of the men's bathrobe is important, but the most important things are comfort, a sense of freedom and thermal comfort. In our KAYSER store you can buy a men's bathrobe that you will not want to take off!

A practical men's bathrobe, which is what?

A men's bathrobe is a rather specific element of home clothing, which must be practical above all - aesthetic values are of course important, but the bathrobe is supposed to provide warmth and comfort, and make evenings and mornings more pleasantand sometimes even all mornings! When you wrap yourself in a thick bathrobe, you will effectively keep the heat on the way from the bathroom to the bed, and on your free days you will provide yourself with relaxation and an unhindered feeling of freedom with a cup of coffee and your favorite series or book. What features should such a practical men's bathrobe have?

  • The bathrobe must be warm. A bathrobe is an indispensable element of clothing, but especially… in autumn and winter. Dressed right after leaving bed or bathroom, it must retain heat well, ensuring thermal comfort. The material from which the bathrobe is made is responsible for this. One of the most popular is fleece, which insulates from the cold just as well as, for example, wool!
  • Men's bathrobe… nice to touch? A bathrobe put directly on underwear or on a naked body must be soft and pleasant to the touch - it must not rub against the skin unpleasantly, scratch or cause itching and burning sensations. Especially if it will be worn for a long time (e.g. on weekend mornings), it must be comfortable, regardless of the position taken.
  • The bathrobe must allow freedom of movement. It is also extremely important that the men's bathrobe is sufficiently loose and flexible, i.e. it does not restrict movement. Wide sleeves and a rather larger than precisely fitted size will guarantee the ability to move and perform various activities (e.g. reaching into a cupboard) without unnecessary nerves - and these are extremely undesirable at home!
  • Practical men's bathrobe. Every man can buy a bathrobe well suited to his needs, e.g. with a hood, which will keep his head warm and even take the function of a towel after bathing. Certainly, it is worth paying attention to the pockets in the men's bathrobe - they will not only warm your hands, but also keep all important items (such as a phone or treats) close at hand!
  • Sufficiently long bathrobe. Of course, the men's bathrobe can be of different lengths, but it must suit its owner. As a standard, we recommend a comfortable length of the robe, i.e. knee-length (perfect for pajama or sweatpants). It is also worth considering the length up to the ankles, because then the bathrobe will perfectly warm and wrap the whole body with its softness.
  • Necessary a bathrobe with a belt. Men's bathrobe should be loose and tight at the same time. Loose for easy movement and tight to prevent heat from escaping. That is why we especially recommend men's bathrobes with stripes, thanks to which every gentleman can adjust his bathrobe according to the needs of the moment, and at the same time - if he wants - wear it unbuttoned!


What material is the best for a men's bathrobe?

We especially recommend the KAYSER store fleece men's fleece bathrobes.

Fleece bathrobes are soft, light and very pleasant to the touch, they perfectly cover the skin, ensuring comfort and great mood. The fleece is also very warm - warms the body and insulates against cold air. When put on right after a bath, it retains heat for a long time, but at the same time it also allows air to pass through, allowing the skin to breathe freely. It does not increase perspiration, and it absorbs all moisture and effectively transports it outside.

Men's fleece fleece bathrobe does not lose its functional and aesthetic properties over time - it can be comfortably machine washed without fear of pilling, stretching or wiping of the material. It dries very quickly - it is almost dry when removed from the washing machine and only needs a few moments to be able to put it back on.


How to choose the right men's bathrobe?

  1. Destiny. In the first step, think about the main situations in which you will use the bathrobe. Or rather just after a bath, or maybe you want to spend time in it on weekend mornings? Or do you need it, for example, for a SPA? Choose the fabric and cut of the bathrobe that best suits your needs.
  2. Season. In autumn and winter, a warm men's bathrobe is best - e.g. made of fleece or velor. However, if you want to use your bathrobe also in summer, you should choose a material that is lighter and more breathable, such as cotton. Of course, in such a situation, it is worth buying two bathrobes: one for summer and one for fall and winter.
  3. Dressing gown. Consider the length and width of the robe and the presence of a hood or pockets. From experience, we recommend, above all, loose and simple cuts of a bathrobe that ensure freedom of movement. Opt for a bathrobe with a comfortable belt and you will be able to adjust its size.
  4. The color of the dressing gown. Men's bathrobes are available in several different colors (e.g. gray or black, but also pleasant maroon and navy blue) and patterns. You need to feel comfortable and pleasant in your bathrobe, that's why… you should just like it! We are happy to advise you!
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