Girls' bras

The first bra is an important event for every girl - she begins to feel more and more a woman and a teenager, not a child. The choice is not easy - buy a soft, cotton bra, more like a top, or maybe a bra with cups, underwires and a hook-and-eye fastening? It all depends on age, breast size and needs - a bra for a girl must be comfortable and fit perfectly. In the Kayser store you will find the right model!

When to buy the first bra for a girl?

Adolescence is an important but often difficult time in the life of a child and parents. Some things are easy to overlook or get carried away by the ÔÇťit's too earlyÔÇŁ belief! So it's worth it carefully observe your daughter's changing body and react too soon than too late. When all of the friends are wearing bras and the bust has started to bulge too, the young woman may feel embarrassed and insecure. Growing breasts can also cause discomfort during physical activity, and it is very easy to prevent it - just choose a bra that matches your needs.

It is assumed that a girl needs her first bra at the age of 8-10 - but it is an individual matter. Therefore, it is worth observing changes in the child's body structure, but also listening to the needs of a maturing woman. When she signals the need to wear a bra, even if it is not necessary yet, it is worth agreeing to this need.


How to choose the first bra for a girl?

A well-chosen first bra for a girl, first of all, should not be a model intended for adult women, even in a small size - while the size of the cup may fit, the circumference under the bust and shoulder straps are also very important, and these sizes in girls are simply smaller .

In order to choose the first bra for a young woman, it is worth verifying two issues:

  1. Bra size. To find the right bra size, you need two values: the circumference under the breasts and the bust. Girls' bra sizes are also marked with a letter (the size of the cup in relation to the circumference of the bust) and a number (the circumference of the chest under the bust), as is the case with bras for adult women. A bra for a girl cannot be too big, and even less too small - it cannot compress the breasts or restrict freedom of movement.
  2. Bra cut. For a girl, we can buy both a sports bra (without cups, padding and stiffening), as well as classic models with cups, underwires and a hook and eye fastening. Much depends on the age of the girl and the size of the bust itself - a larger bust also requires support, which a bra-top may not be able to handle well.


Sports bras for the youngest women

The first bra for a girl usually has several functions. We usually buy it quite early, when the bust is just starting to show off. Then they work great sports bras, cut resembling tops - thin, soft, comfortable. Such models will provide the girl first experience with wearing a bra - they will prepare it for this important piece of clothing for every woman.

In the Kayser store, we offer the first sports bras for girls - Fr. simple cut, comfortable and made of natural cotton materialwhich allows the skin to "breathe" and allows air to pass through. We add 5% elastin to the cotton so that the bra can adjust itself well to the body, and at the same time does not tighten the skin too much. 


Classic bras for teenagers

When the girl already has a slightly larger bust, and sports bras stop working (they do not support the breasts well, the nipples begin to show through under the T-shirt, which is usually embarrassing for a young woman!), it's time for classic models of bras. At the very beginning of this "change", it is also definitely worth choosing a soft, non-wired, cotton bra with full cups.

A teenager, a young woman will probably also want to feel older, and from now on the bra will stay in her dresser for good. So, with the needs of slightly older girls in mind, classic bras are created: Underwires stiffen the cups, and the adjustable hook-and-eye closure allows you to adjust the circumference to your needs. Such a bra for a teenager is distinguished by a youthful design.


Bra size: cup size and circumference

We mentioned that the starting point for choosing your first bra is to measure your bust circumference and underneath it. But in adolescence, however, changes in a young woman's body happen very quickly, which is why the purchase of each subsequent bra should also be associated with determining the correct size.

Measurements should always be taken with a standard tailor's ruler and on the naked body. The girl should straighten up - unless the bust is already bigger, then it's better to measure its circumference while bending.

  • Circumference under the bust. 3 cm should be subtracted from the obtained circumference under the breasts and rounded down to a specific size (e.g. 65).
  • The size of the cup. From the bust circumference, subtract the circumference under the bust - we get the result and check it in the manufacturer's size table. Usually these values are the same, for example a score of 7-9 translates into the "A" cup.


Comfortable and "breathable" bra material

Whether it's a sports bra or a rather classic bra, Properly fitting size and wearing comfort are always more important than its appearance. The second aspect is also influenced by the material from which the bra is sewn.

In the Kayser store, we primarily recommend a cotton bra for a teenager or a girl. Cotton is natural - it does not irritate the delicate skin of the breast, it adheres well to the body, but also allows air to pass through. The skin can "breathe", it does not sweat, and the cotton bra does not chafe.

Of course, a teenage bra can also contain additional elements, such as classic decorative lace, but it is worthwhile to save money - comfort is the most important thing, and this first experience with a bra creates good habits for the whole adult life!


Bra look for a girl

A teenage bra should also be aesthetically adjusted to her preferences or interests. There is still a lot of time for bold accents, but girly design and a few decorative elements will surely make teenagers their first few experiences with wearing a bra. 

Delicate, small laces, charming bows, combining colors and prints with youth motifs - in the Kayser store, we offer dozens of bra models that are already used by thousands of teenagers around the world. And just choose the one that best suits the character of a young woman!


What should a well-chosen bra for a girl look like?

To sum up, a bra for a teenager or a girl should:

  • have good perfectly matched size (after measuring the bust),
  • have a cut tailored to the needs of a girl or a teenager,
  • to be most of all convenient (aesthetics in the background!),
  • be made of a "breathable", natural material (e.g. cotton),
  • be neat and pretty, with girly or youthful accents.


In the Kayser store, we respond to the needs and expectations of girls and teenagers! We offer bras of various types (sports, semi-sports and classic) and we take care of the large availability of sizes. We only use good, natural and safe materials that are gentle on young skin. We also take care of design that is well suited to the interests of girls and youth trends. 

Kayser store employees are available to advise and assist - feel free to contact us by e-mail and telephone, and we will help you choose the right size and cut of a bra for both a younger girl and a teenager. We invite for shopping!

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