In order to feel good and present perfectly, it is worth paying attention to accessories for underwear. Certain accessories will add expression to the whole outfit, others - they will effectively take care of your comfort. Bra straps, extensions or bras that will not be visible under any dress - whatever you are looking for with us you will find accessories that allow you to adjust the underwear to your needs. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer!

  • Transparent straps

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  • Samonośny biustonosz silikonowy

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  • Nipple covers

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  • Beżowe przedłużenie zapięcia

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  • Białe przedłużenie zapięcia do stanika

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  • Czarne przedłużenie zapięcia do stanika

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  • Szerokie beżowe przedłużenie zapięcia stanika

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Bra straps that will match the styling

Properly selected lingerie is the basis of any styling. It is especially important to find the right shoulder straps, because these often remain visible even after wearing a blouse or dress. What to do if their color does not match the outfit? In that case it is worth betting on transparent bra straps available in this categorythat will fit perfectly into all stylizations, regardless of the colors in which they will be kept. They also fit perfectly with any neckline.

It also happens that decorative bra straps are visible under thin fabrics, which are often used to make summer dresses. Our accessories will work in this case. The strapless model available in the offer is completely smooth, so no matter what you wear it, it will remain invisible, and thus the styling will look great. Removable shoulder straps available in our store can be easily put on and taken off.


Bra fastening extension - when is it worth betting on?

The bra clasp extension is an accessory that can significantly increase your comfort. You don't want to give up your favorite bra even though it got too tight? You don't have to - with our accessories you will increase the circumference of your bra without buying fabric and sewing. It is enough to choose an additional fastening to the bra to make the underwear comfortable again. This type of supplement can also be useful for pregnant women, because their bodies change significantly both before and after giving birth.

We offer this type of bra accessories in several colors, so that you can easily match them with your underwear. What's more, There are variants with two hooks and hooks. It is also worth emphasizing that extending the bra fastener is also a good choice for women who have bought a smaller bra and do not want to give it back. Thanks to their aesthetic design, the products fit perfectly with bras.


Invisible bra - an excellent choice for special occasions

There is always room for an additional bra in a woman's wardrobe. In addition to the classic, lace ones, it is worth paying attention to the models created for special occasions. Among them there are "invisible" bras available in this category. They are perfect for blouses that have a deep neckline. What's more, they are strapless and fasteners on the back, so you can also use them for evening dresses.

You can easily choose the right size. Thanks to this, the bra will fit properly to the breasts and keep them in the right position for a long time. Every product we offer is reusable. In addition to bras, in this category you will also find silicone nipple covers in a nude color. Thanks to them, you will avoid chafing the nipples, and at the same time you will not have to worry that a part of the bra will be visible under your clothes. It is also a great choice for warm days when wearing classic underwear may be uncomfortable.


Adjuster for bra straps - when can it come in handy?

KAYSER's bra accessories also include adjusters that fasten at the back of the straps. The set includes products in white, black and nude colors, which allows you to match them to the shade of the bra you are wearing. When can they be useful? If you do not want to give up your favorite underwear, but you want to hide the straps so that they do not stick out from under your blouse or dress. This small accessory allows you to fasten them on the back.


KAYSER lingerie accessories tailored to the needs of women

The KAYSER offer includes useful underwear accessories. Additional bra fastening, adjustable straps or silicone nipple covers - no matter what product you are looking for, you will find it at a favorable price with us. We provide only proven models that have gained a lot of positive feedback. In addition, both the bra clasp extension and other accessories can be purchased from us in several sizes.

KAYSER supplies underwear not only for women, but for the whole family. You will find comfortable panties, bras and pajamas, as well as accessories, because we know that they often add character to the styling and allow you to create many fashionable combinations in which every woman will feel good. What's more, our advantage is the fast delivery of orders.

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