Women's pajamas

When arranging the bedroom, care is taken to choose the right bed and a comfortable mattress. However, these are not the only factors that affect sleep efficiency. It is also important where we rest and what we rest in. Although we cannot provide you with the right temperature or air humidity in the bedroom, we offer comfortable women's pajamas that will make every night more pleasant. We invite you to get to know our assortment!

Pajamas that will take care of your comfort

When we create our women's pajamas, we primarily try to ensure that each model provides its owner with comfort. Night is the time of regeneration of the body, therefore the outfit should allow freedom of movement and not stick to the body during this timewhich could make it difficult to relax. The Kayser store offers comfortable pajamas with long sleeves and long pants that will keep your body warm at night and will make you wake up refreshed in the morning.

Why is women's two-piece pajamas a good choice? First of all, it does not twist when sleeping or tucks, so it will also be appropriate when you go away from home and want to feel comfortable. Women's pajama pants are often fitted with ribbons that not only add elegance to the sets, but also allow you to adjust them to your body shape. In addition, the lower part of the nightdress can be equipped with an elastic band, which also means that the outfit does not restrict movement.

The assortment includes variants with a loose cut that will perfectly fit almost every woman. In addition, we also offer models for expectant mothers. In this case, the pants have a much higher waist so as not to pinch the stomach. Proper fit to the body allows you to sleep well while waiting for your baby.


What should women's pajamas be made of?

What is made of women's pajamas is extremely important. Long pants made of unpleasant for the body material and a top of the outfit decorated with skin irritating patches would probably effectively prevent a night's rest. What fabrics are the most popular models made of?

  • Cotton - it is the most popular fabric. Cotton pajamas have already gained a large group of supporters, and all this is due to the properties of this material. First of all, it is gentle on the body and very pleasant to the touch, so it delicately hugs the body, facilitating a good night's sleep. In addition, it does not cause allergies, so it is often chosen by allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. The hygroscopic properties of said fabric are also important. Women's cotton pajamas can be used regardless of the season - slightly thinner variants cool, and the thicker ones allow for heat retention, while allowing the skin to breathe.
  • Fleece - pajamas made of this material are an excellent choice for cooler months. Thanks to them, you can be sure that you will have thermal comfort even during cold winter nights. It is also worth emphasizing that fleece clothes, like those made of cotton, can also be used by allergy sufferers. This material is also pleasant to the touch, which makes sleep even more pleasant.
  • Viscose - nightwear made of this material will work especially in summer. You will appreciate it for its hygroscopic properties and air permeability. In addition, similar to the materials mentioned above, viscose is soft and pleasant to the skin, including the skin prone to irritation and allergy.


Lovely women's pajamas that will make every night pleasant

The assortment includes charming women's pajamas, which have already stolen the hearts of many of our clients. We know that for your well-being, not only comfort is important, but also an attractive appearance of nightwear, so we also took care of it. We offer models decorated with cute, animal motifs, e.g. a hedgehog with a funny inscription or a sleeping fox. In addition, you will find here suggestions for the night sky, stars and the moon.

We also carefully select the colors of our women's pajamas. Long pants often contrast with the color of the t-shirt, which allows you to create an original, eye-catching set. Do you prefer subdued sets? Choose one of these cream-colored ones. We take care of the appropriate selection of dyes and fabricstherefore we guarantee that each model will keep its colors for a long time. Thanks to this, even after many washes, the selected women's pajamas will look great.


Women's pajamas from Kayser - choose the best!

Why is it worth choosing our women's pajamas? Here are the most important reasons:

  • a wide range of - we want everyone to find a product for themselves in our store, so we make sure that the offer always includes several models adapted to different needs;
  • only materials that are gentle on the skin - in the case of underwear, be especially careful to choose only items of clothing that will not irritate the body, because they have direct contact with it,
  • comfort - we make sure that each of our women's pajamas is comfortable, and thus ensures high quality of sleep;
  • good prices - we want to deliver good products at competitive prices;
  • interesting design - by creating the designs of our pajamas, we adapt them to the current trends, so when choosing our products, you can be sure that you focus not only on comfort, but also an attractive appearance.


Kayser is a company with tradition - thanks to our many years of experience in the market, we know what our clients are looking for and what they feel best, which is why we create products that meet their expectations. Do you have any questions? Not sure which model to choose? We will help - please contact us!

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