Women's bathrobes

A women's bathrobe is a unique piece of home wardrobe that provides warmth after bathing or getting out of bed, and allows you to spend the morning freely and pleasantly on a free day! choose Women's bathrobe by KAYSER - tailored to your style and practical: warm, but "breathable", pleasant to the touch and easy to clean, which will not deteriorate even after repeated washing in the washing machine!

A warm women's bathrobe? Fleece fleece bathrobe!

The usefulness of the bathrobe is of course not limited to the fall and winter season, but it is on cold days that we most need to wrap ourselves in warmth and softness right after leaving bed or after a bath, or organize a lazy morning just for ourselves.

To get all the benefits of a warm women's bathrobe, you should pay special attention to its material. We highly recommend choosing a bathrobe from fleece fleece, which traps heat but ... lets air through!

Long fleece long fleece women's bathrobes are a perfect proposition for winter mornings and evenings. They are light and soft. The skin in them does not sweat, and any possible moisture is quickly transported to the outside for evaporation. Such a fleece bathrobe can be easily washed in the washing machine - it dries very quickly, does not pill and does not lose its softness.


Bathrobe with a hood - a feminine cut with a bit of fun!

When looking for a warm and cozy bathrobe for fall or winter, get ready for a fashionable cut with a hood! In our KAYSER store you will find women's bathrobes from funny hoods (e.g. with ears) that will keep you warm after showering (especially if you don't dry your hair after washing) and put you in a great mood!

A bathrobe with a hood is also a perfect proposition for autumn and winter morning afternoons spent in the privacy of your home - with a cup of tea or coffee, with your favorite book or series! Funny, but also a soft and warm hood you will pull over your head, you will put on thick socks on your feet and you will not be afraid of any weather antics!


Practical women's bathrobes, which are what?

Women's bathrobes are a very diverse category - hundreds of styles are available, which differ not only in material and cut, but also in colors and design. The choice of a bathrobe in terms of its visual qualities and style should only depend on your preferences. On the other hand, in terms of practicality, a perfect bathrobe should have several specific features!

  • A warm bathrobe for women made of "breathable" material. The bathrobe must keep you warm, but it should also allow the skin to breathe. A fleece or cotton bathrobe will ensure adequate and constant air circulation, thanks to which you will be warm, but your skin will not sweat. Even if the robe gets a little wet when you put it on immediately after showering, the water will evaporate quickly from the fabric.
  • Loose and practical women's bathrobe. Pay attention to the length and width of the robe - you should be able to wrap it tightly around it, but without restricting the movement. Choose a women's bathrobe with wide sleeves and a comfortable belt, and you will perfectly match it to the needs of the moment, benefiting from it only!
  • Easy-to-clean women's bathrobe. Before choosing a bathrobe, find out how to clean and care for the material. If you choose women's fleece fleece bathrobe, you can be sure that its care will be limited to the occasional tossing it in the washing machine. The fleece bathrobe dries quickly and deteriorates - it retains its softness for a long time!


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