Girls' panties

In our KAYSER Shop, we have provided a very wide selection of underwear for adults and children, so that the whole family can buy underwear in one place. We know how difficult it is to find good panties for girls, so we made sure that the offered underwear is of very good quality and meets the requirements of even the youngest and most demanding customers. The assortment includes various types of panties for girls, including panties such as:

  • classic briefs - medium waist, covering the bottom. The most popular and convenient type of panties.
  • tong - which are slightly more cut on the buttocks than the other types. For girls who do not like panties that are too large, such as hipster underwear.
  • brazilian - that is, medium-cut panties, both on the sides and on the buttocks. They are characterized by a medium or low waist, narrow sides and great wearing comfort.
  • hipster - covering the entire buttocks, just like boxer shorts. Their advantage is that they do not have a line running through the buttock under the clothes. They are comfortable and do not move when sleeping or playing sports, thanks to the very wide sides.

The best panties for girls (12 years old) from KAYSER

The age of twelve is a turbulent time when girls enter adolescence, and as a result, their needs - including those concerning underwear - are changing. KAYSER panties for a 12-year-old girl is comfort and convenience in all daily activitiesas well as the certainty of reliability. When choosing KAYSER panties, girls may not want anything else. We also offer panties for a 14-year-old girl, in slightly larger sizes and more voluminous cuts.


KAYSER panties for girls - durability and healthy materials

All proposed panties for girls are made of cotton with elastane. Why should you wear cotton panties? Because they are the best and safest for human skin. Cotton is soft and pleasant to wear, it is very breathable and is not conducive to the formation of infections. It is also durable, does not deform excessively in washing, adheres well and does not rub even the most sensitive skin. These are cotton panties recommended by gynecologists, whose first visits are necessary at the age of 12-14.


Available sizes, colors and accessories

KAYSER for girls offers sizes 10 to 16. When it comes time to go larger, girls will find underwear for themselves in the women's panties section. We offer panties in fashionable, uniform colors such as black, white, pink, gray, as well as multicolored panties in various patterns. Among them are interesting cuts and prints, including stars, moons, lightnings, letters or flowers. There are also models with reinforced rubber at the waist or frills or delicate, elegant lace. Such a large selection makes sure that each of the girls in their teenage years will find something suitable for them, which will be attractive to them.


Why should you pay special attention to the selection of underwear?

Properly selected underwear, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of the cut and body structure of a specific person, makes wearing it pleasant and imperceptible during everyday functioning. It's good that the underwear is not visible under the clothes, and that it allows for various activities during the day, without the need to correct it. It is worth paying special attention to the fact that it is well-chosen in terms of size. Too tight underwear will not only be uncomfortablebut in the long run it can also lead to the formation of cellulite.

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