Girls' pajamas

Although a young person most often considers sleep a waste of time, a good night's sleep is essential for his proper development and well-being. Without a glowing screen, in an airy bedroom and comfortable pajamas, a little woman will fall asleep tastefully, embarking on a journey to the land of the most colorful dreams. Girls' pajamas Kayser - warm, comfortable, pleasant to the touch and fashionable, with a charming design, it is recommended for a sweet "good night" and a morning full of energy!

What should girls' pajamas look like?

Girls' pajamas are an important part of the garment - it is here that a young woman ends her day and starts it in it too! Her the look, cut and design, but also the material itself should make her feel good and at ease. In Denmark, it is said that hyggeand in Norway, Fr. blackbird - about comfort, happiness, "cosiness" or inner balance, which we achieve with the help of small things, such as pajamas!


What to look for when buying girls' pajamas?

  • Pajama cut for girls. Girls' pajamas are dozens of variants! With short sleeves and short shorts, with long sleeves and ankle-length legs or in the form of a loose nightgown - in sizes from mini to maxi. It all depends on the preferences of the person concerned, but it is also worth being guided by the season of the year. Good pajamas should provide perfect thermal comfort!
  • Comfortable pajamas for girls. Long sleeves and legs of pajamas should be cut so as not to restrict freedom of movement during sleep - most often we prefer loose nightwear, i.e. a bit wider than in everyday wardrobe. However, in order not to have a problem with curling up long sleeves or legs, it is worth choosing the variant with soft cuffs. It will be comfortable and warm, even if the duvet or blanket decide to go to the floor at night!
  • The material of pajamas for girls. On summer nights, for example, cotton or viscose will work well, while on cooler days, you should also take care of something warmer and breathable, such as a soft fleece. The material for girls' pajamas should be gentle to the skin and allow it to "breathe" - so that the body can adjust itself well to the conditions.
  • Design of girls' pajamas. This pattern on girls' pajamas will bring the greatest joy to a young woman, who every year pays more and more attention to what and how she wears. Subdued colors or deep colors? Printing on the entire material or a minimalist application? We recommend finding a golden mean and engaging your favorite girly themes, e.g. cute kittens!


What material should girls' pajamas be made of?

It is worth choosing girls' pajamas made of the material that is at the same time comfortable, gentle on the skin and pleasant to the touch, but also permeable. The very choice of a particular fabric should also depend on the season of the year.

  • In summer, light pajamas made of cotton or bamboo will be perfect. When the nights get hot, it is worth taking care of pajamas with short pants and short sleeves (or shoulder straps) so that the body does not overheat and the skin does not sweat excessively, which means that the comfort of sleep is as high as possible!
  • Fleece pajamas are perfect for autumn and winter. Polar fleece is a soft, warm and cozy fabric with thermal insulation properties as good as wool! Thanks to the vapor permeability of the fleece, the fleece wicks away moisture - the skin does not sweat and the body maintains the right temperature. Long sleeves and legs will not only provide warmth, but also a cozy "softness"!


What styles of pajama for girls are the most comfortable?

The "perfect" pajamas exist, but it is different for every young woman! 

The most important thing is that it corresponds to your preferences - with long or short sleeves, with long or short shorts, it depends not only on the season, but also simply on the needs and it is worth following them first of all.

In the Kayser online store, we recommend classic pajamas for girls, with a bit wider legs finished with welts that fit the body, leaving plenty of space for free movement. The available sizes are designed for both younger and older children, as well as for teenage girls. 


What pajama pattern for girls will hit the spot?

On the one hand, girls' pajamas should stand out in an interesting way, and on the other hand, young girls like popular motifs and fashionable design. In the Kayser online store, we combine the originality and interests of girls! T-shirt in gray color with an interesting application and colorful pants with prints complement each other perfectly. 

The "cat's" motifs from funny inscriptions and cute kittens or hearts and sleeping faces they are girly, and at the same time cozy and cheerful.

We recommend it for younger girls pajamas with an original game board with which the T-shirt is equipped. It is, for example, a tic-tac-toe game with "pawns" attached with Velcro. Now there's always time for a quick goodnight game!


What distinguishes girls' pajamas from Kayser?

Kayser is a global brand with over a hundred years of tradition - we care not only about the quality of our products, i.e. we focus on great materials and precision of workmanship, but also reasonable prices, a large selection of sizes and great customer service. If you need help or advice, please contact us. 

We enjoy your shopping!

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